Time to Tech Plan

Public libraries are asked to have strategic plans, collection development plans, marketing plans, building plans...and technology plans.  Prior to July 1, 2011, Technology Plans were a requirement of the Federal e-Rate reimbursement program and needed to be approved by the State Library of Kansas.  Now, however, only the Northeast Kansas Library System's Accreditation program requires that "The library has a current technology plan including a computer replacement schedule and planning for new technologies."  

This page should help!  Posts from the NEKLS Web site, polls, powerpoint presentations and archived Webinars are all stored here for your information.  

You are also encouraged to contact the NEKLS office for further assistance.

Technology Planning - 2011 Presentation
Brainstorming Ideas
Sample Tech Plans

Technology Planning Toolkit - Tolkit with Tech Plan templates compiled by Jeff Hixon, State Library of Kansas

Silver Lake Tech Plan and Generic version with instructions - Thank you, Cathy!

Technology Proficiencies Checklist - from Colorado Virtual Library

Basehor's Technology Proficiencies (.pdf) - Thank you, Diana!

Commoncraft - Educational videos